This page will help you get started with Kulipa. You'll be up and running in a jiffy!

Getting started

Get an API Key

In order to onboard to Kulipa, you will need an API Key. The API Key will allow you to make authenticated RESTful HTTP requests to Kulipa.

Learn the API

Once you have an API key you can learn the API, detailed on this website, in order to set up & manage various entities in the system such as Users, Cards, Transactions, Wallet addresses, and Verifications (KyC).

UI components

For certain tasks (such as KyC), the development team at Kulipa will provide you with components to integrate into your app and/or website for card management interfaces.

Webhook listener

In order to get notified of events from the Kulipa side, the integration requires setting up a webhook listener. The webhook listener is a service you would build & deploy on your own servers, that accepts RESTful HTTP requests from Kulipa. These requests notify you of events such as:

  • Requests to authorize transactions (and withhold the necessary funds in wallet).
  • Lifecycle events such as user verification status changes, card shipping updates, and transaction refunds.

Next steps

Your next steps should be:

  1. Receive an API Key for the sandbox environment.
  2. Set up your wallet to integrate with the Kulipa API and Kulipa UI components, as well as a webhook listener.
  3. Simulate various transactions on the system.
  4. Discuss live launch with the Kulipa team.