Introduction to Transactions

A transaction is a digital communication that contains data necessary for the processing of payments.
Such transactions typically stem from card users making purchases, whether in-store or online.


When a card is utilized for a purchase, an Authorization entity is generated. This represents a transaction that has been approved by the card issuer, but not yet settled in terms of fund transfer.

Kulipa will automatically make a verdict on approving authorization requests, based on fraud and risk checks, spending controls set up on the card, and available balance on the wallet.


Authorizations that have been settled are called Transactions. These are past expenses for which no further action is required.

Transactions can be retrieved and displayed in the wallet app. In certain cases, users might challenge a transaction and request a refund. Currently this process is not automated, and requires manual intervention by Kulipa staff.


In the sandbox environment, you can simulate the entire lifecycle of a transaction, from authorization to clearing.
This is useful to ensure your wallet can handle all the different states of a transaction.