Introduction to Users

Users are the core entity of the Kulipa card system. A user is an individual that has a source of crypto funds which it wishes to spend via a Kulipa card. A user can have multiple cards, but a card can only be associated with one user.

In order for users to start using the system, you as the wallet provider must create a user in the system, as well as associate a blockchain address for that user and perform KYC on the user using our API. This is done in one call using the POST /kyc endpoint.
Once the user is verified, you can create cards for the user.

The users endpoint signifies an individual utilizing funds managed by Kulipa through a Kulipa card, whether physical or virtual.
This endpoint lets you manage users within the Kulipa system.

It retains details related to the user like their name, residence, birth date, along with financial data like card balances.



To create a user, you should use the POST /kyc call in the KYC endpoint to simultaneously create the user and initiate the KYC verification process.
This will also create and associate a wallet for the user.